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baby tiny crawls

When Levi was a baby I’m pretty sure I posted just about every photo I took of him and documented every milestone. I posted a little less about Griffin, but still documented most things. Then Jake came and…well…I’m sorry, Jake. For some reason (three boys, maybe???) I don’t have much time for blogging and I often forget to even pull out my camera! I don’t want Jake to get a complex when he looks back at this blog and realizes I forgot him. So, let’s go back a few months and pretend like Baby Tiny just started crawling even though he is almost walking (I know!).


Crawling is fun and he loves cows. So obviously this was the perfect setup to catch a few pics of his newest skill.


Come on, Baby Tiny! Get the cows! IMG_4833new IMG_4834new IMG_4835new

Almost there…


Yay!!! His brothers were behind me cheering too.


Not long after the crawling began, he started doing this too.


Crawling, standing, and even his first steps (more on that later!). He is growing up way too fast.

  • Mary Ann - I love your updates. Baby Tiny is so darling. The photos of him standing and that look on his face…it’s like he’s saying, “Ha Ha…I can get where ever I need to can’t stop me now.” Jake is so sweet…I’m sure in no time, he will be running to catch up with Levi and Griffin. What precious gifts from God.ReplyCancel

  • Amy J. - Wow, looks so much like Cora! Oh hey I just realized I think I’ve only posted a comment like once, but have been following your blog since sweet Cora! Continuing to pray for Griffin, hope he’s doing well.ReplyCancel

  • babykatesmom - Baby Tiny is just so precious! Thank you for the pictures of your sweet boy.ReplyCancel

  • Toni :0) - He is soooo cute!!! Loved this update!ReplyCancel

  • Stefanie - he totally looks like his big sister! Every time I see pics of him I smile because that face is too sweet. Yay for crawling!ReplyCancel

  • Impy - I know everyone’s saying it, but let me join in! All of your boys are so unique and gorgeous, but this little one,,,,,,,he has Cora all over his little face. It’s the most precious thing to realize and see. I just want to wave and say “Hi sweet Cora!”. For all of the loss and heartache, you remain divinely blessed. This for me, is proof of God’s love.ReplyCancel