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jake – 10 months

Trying to play catch-up again. So, here is ten months…even though he is really eleven months…almost ONE!

jake 1-10b&w-ten

Dear Jakey,

You are ten months old and with each passing day you are seeming more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby. You want to do everything your big brothers are doing. You are happiest when you are playing with them. They like you a lot too but they don’t like that you can easily mess up all their stuff now. Sometimes they have to set up a barrier to keep you out and you are not a fan of that. You love to be outside and if they run out the door without you it makes you so sad. Maybe when you stop putting every single rock in your mouth I’ll let you go out more. Haha! Except if mama makes you stay inside or your brothers won’t let you play with them, you are so happy and content most of the time. You have started giving high fives, clapping, and you stand on your own now too. You might end up being my earliest walker! You have started eating table food and you are always up for eating something. Always. I have to work hard to keep you out of the pantry now! I think you are working on some top teeth coming in too. You still aren’t the best sleeper but you are the best snuggler. I’m trying to soak up each moment and remember that these days of baby snuggles will soon pass. I love that I have a house full of boys. And I love that you are one of them. Love you so much, Baby Tiny.

Love, Mama



  • Toni :0) - I’m not sure he could be ANY cuter!! Happy babies are the best!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Postma - Love following your blog and watching your little guys growing up. Adorable baby!ReplyCancel

  • Debby Graber - He is just about to walk isn’t he!! I was in the bunnies room this morning for awhile and then moved to the ladybugs, but watched how he would walk just holding on to Tony’s finger! Tony’s been gone a couple of weeks and he said “Does he walk?” He held onto his finger just in case. Then I got moved to the other room, but it was so neat to see your sweet little guy. Growing soooo big!!ReplyCancel

  • Lara - He is just the CUTEST thing! Love all his chunk-ness!ReplyCancel

  • ranee - LOVE the new blog design! Looks so great!!ReplyCancel