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party, party, party cups!

IMG_8655newI have to be honest and tell you that when DaySpring contacted me about promoting these party cups I was going to say no right away. I only like to post about things I love and when I saw these I wasn’t in love. But as I was looking at them Levi came over and said, “Wow, mom! Are you getting those for us?” He loved them. The monster ones of course. And then I remembered it wasn’t always about what I loved, but what my kids love too. And they love these fun reusable cups.

IMG_8666newThese princess cups are pretty adorable. I would have snatched them up right away, but no one in my family was too excited about pink or princesses. But wouldn’t these be fun for a princess party? Someone pleeeeease plan a princess party for their little girl for me.

IMG_8672newOf course my boys loved the U-Neeks cups. They call them monsters. They each have a little message on them along with a Bible verse. And each character has a name. I love that.

IMG_8680newAs soon as I opened these cups I came up with all sorts of things I could use them for. Party favors, Sunday School gifts, VBS prizes, or a fun summer gift for your child to give to a friend or neighbor.

IMG_8697newOf course I had to come up with a boy version too. Since I have boys and all. This character’s name is Dweeber. 🙂

dayspring cupsDon’t tell my boys, but I am kind of partial to that cute pink princess. I may just have to keep one for myself.

IMG_8730newI filled the cups with a glow stick, bubbles, a piece of chalk, play-doh, and a little lollipop. I found everything at the Dollar Tree except the mini lollipops. Did I mention the cups are reusable? Once the kids have used up all their goodies, they will still have the cup to keep and reuse.

IMG_8734newSo, it turns out these cups are pretty awesome…Levi was right. I’m pretty sure they would make any kid smile and I kind of love them now too. Besides the cute characters and bright colors my favorite part is the verse on each one. We are about to wrap up Sunday School at my church and I’m planning on giving one of these to each one of the preschoolers in my class. I can’t wait!

Just for YOU, DaySpring is discounting all reusable party cups! Through Thursday, June 16, these cups will be marked down to $5 (regularly $11.88). There is no code necessary as they are already marked down on the DaySpring website. They come in sets of 12 and there are 11 styles to choose from. Make sure to check them all out and maybe you can create a fun summer party favor too. Yay for SUMMER!

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