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christmas recap (christmas eve & day)

Thank you so much for all your sweet words of congratulations. It means so much. I continue to be blown away by the encouragement I receive from this little blog community. Thank you! I have so much to talk about…new baby, new things for the new year, my baby boy turning four, and hope spoken is coming up so soon! I’m tempted to just skip over all this Christmas stuff but wanted to document it here. So bear with me (there are lots of pictures!) as I recap our Christmas celebrations…then it’s on to the New Year!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my side of the family. My parents flew home from California and it was so great to have them here for Christmas! Since we can’t gather at their house anymore we are having to change things up a bit. This year everyone spent Christmas Eve at our house.

My family came for lunch and the boys made sure they had lots of snacks ready too. We are all about the snacks. The boys, of course, were very helpful.

After lunch the fun began! Joel tied three sleds together behind the four wheeler so all the cousins could go sledding at once. Sledding on the farm is way different then the sledding I grew up doing. No hills required…only four wheelers. They thought it was so great.

Griffin only liked driving. He wasn’t about to get on one of those sleds.

In case you’ve never met our dog, that’s Lucy. She is a farm dog so she doesn’t show up in many pictures. She sure liked chasing the sledders though.

It was so cold that day…so cold. So when the sledding was over we got out all the blankets to warm up. The kids watched Planes (my boys love that movie!) and had snacks and hot chocolate.

After we all warmed up we dressed up and headed to church for the Christmas Eve service…then back to our house for dinner. It was a fun day!

On Christmas morning we all gathered at my sister’s house. We always start the morning with breakfast and then open presents.

This headlamp was definitely one of Levi’s favorite gifts. Griffin got one too. You can often find them running around the house with little lights on their heads.

Griffin loved opening gifts this year. He had a hard time being patient when it wasn’t his turn.

Crazy hats. My dad and brothers are really into cycling…or biking…not sure what the correct term is? I’m sure they will correct me. Brother’s are sweet like that! 😉

After all the presents were opened the kids got to go downstairs and find their big surprise. My mom had made teepees for all the grandkids. They are so awesome. I should have had her pose in front of them because I don’t think I got a single picture of her!

This one is ours…I think I love it as much as the boys do. I’ll try to take some better pictures later and figure out what tutorial my mom used for those who are wondering.

In the afternoon we decorated gingerbread houses.

There was lots of candy consumed. Of course.

And thankfully we left them at my sister’s house so we didn’t even have to take them home. It worked out perfect. In the evening we ate a delicious dinner together…which I was too sick to even eat. Such a bummer to be nauseous at Christmas time. Guess it kept me from eating too much though! We had such a good two days with my family…next up is Joel’s family!

  • Crystal - Would your mom consider selling one of these tepees? I’d love to have one for a photo shoot. I’m sure I could get the poles here so maybe just the cover. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - You’ll love those Teepees for years to come! I bought one when my kids were little and now my grandkids love to have sleepovers in it. They also love to just play in it. It stores so compactly (our’s has PVC for the main frame). Sounds like a fun Christmas. Oh, and congratulations on the baby due this summer. I watched the video of Levi telling us and got a kick out of both boys! It surely will be a happy year at your house. CindyReplyCancel

  • creole wisdom - That sledding looks so fun. How smart to re-invent it. I grew up like you, searching for the biggest hill I could find.

    Your mom is so thoughtful and crafty. Your kids will cherish that for years to come 🙂

    I’m praying your queasiness passes quickly! No fun. Especially around the holidays.ReplyCancel

  • Kara - Jess, those head lamps made me smile! My boys got the same thing in their stockings last year from Grandma and Grandpa. They LOVE them and have used them so much they are both broken! So we are hoping to get replacements. 🙂 So fun!!!ReplyCancel

  • Emma - Congratulations on the new little one!!
    I saw this on another blog, and was wondering if this might be the tutorial for the teepee?

  • Brady - That’s how I grew up sledding in Kansas! Best way to do it 🙂 Looks like you had a great CHRISTmas!ReplyCancel

  • Faith - What a fun Christmas Eve and day! Your mom did such a great job with those teepees!!ReplyCancel

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