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snow & sledding

It snowed yesterday. All the schools have been canceled for the past two days and we are basically snowed in at our house too…until my hubby can bring a tractor over to clear our driveway at least. It is so cold outside. I am trying to have a happy heart and focus on the beauty of the snow and the gift of our warm house…because honestly, I am just soooo ready for spring! Joel has been busy clearing snow out of the cattle pens. Snow creates a lot of work for him and I have no idea how he can handle the cold. I think I must be a wimpy farm wife.

So this morning we brought the snow inside for a little while. Snow inside next to the space heater. It was pretty great. This afternoon the boys wanted to venture out and play in the snow drifts. This lasted about five minutes which I was okay with because I’m pretty sure I was just as cold as they were.

Since it is snowy outside again, I thought it would be the perfect time to post these pictures I never posted from a snow day we had in December right before Christmas.

I think I’ve told you before, but I grew up sledding on hills. We’d trudge to the top of the hill with our sleds and slide back down…then we’d do it again and again. Sledding in the country looks a little different.

This was really the first time the boys have been sledding…besides Joel just pulling them around the yard when they were babies. Levi thought sledding behind the four wheeler was pretty great.

Griffin wasn’t such a fan.

He sat on the truck until daddy offered to let him ride on the four wheeler with him. He thought that was a much better idea.

They pulled the sled around and around our yard.

Levi only fell off once. He jumped right up and hopped on the sled again.

He was all smiles.

Griffin never really smiled but I think he was having fun too. 😉

The next time they went sledding was on Christmas Eve with all the cousins. So fun.

It looks like the snow is going to be sticking around here for awhile so if we can pull daddy away from work we just might be able to squeeze in another sledding adventure.

  • Deb - What fun! We did the same thing growing up. Sometimes we would even hook two or three sleds up to the the back of a snowmobile and ride through the fields. Good times!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle from Australia - Growing up in the sub-tropics, the only type of ‘sledding’ we experienced was in the surf. Or in tropical rain downpours. My brain can’t even begin to imagine that snow would be like! Stay warm.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - Those faces…so cute. In SLC Utah, we have hills galore. there are at least 5 ski resorts only 20 minutes from the valley. We took my little grandson to a place called Gorgoza. It is built just off the freeway at the top of the Summit on I-80 (by Park City). They have a conveyor (similar to what you ride in an airport except it goes uphill). You grab your big tube, jump on the conveyor, you just stand there and it takes you up the hill. We only rode the lower half because the little tubes (for the little kids) can’t go up to the top. WOW…it was so fun–cold–but so fun. We screamed all the way down and then my grandson would say, “Go again?” It was a blast. But I still remember my dad pulling us on a sled with his car. That was long long ago when it seemed to snow a lot and the rodes were never plowed. Not much traffic back then. Love your pictures.ReplyCancel

  • creole wisdom - Love Griffin’s little scowl! 😉

    We gotta make it fun, right? Winter is a lifetime here in MN and I try to just enjoy the things I can do inside: blog, scrapbook, organize, decorate…

    I don’t think you’re wimpy at all!

    Aren’t Hunter boots the best?ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - I love the sledding pictures. We have to drive to the nearest hill and sled now that I live in the city. That looks like a whole lot of fun and you don’t have to trudge to the bottom of the hill to carry your littles back up!ReplyCancel