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halloween 2016

img_0280newHalloween came and went and it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just two weeks away! Every year we go trick or treating with the cousins on my side of the family. We torture the kids with a group photo before they take off running for the candy!

img_0283newIt is always worth it though. Love these cousins!

img_0287newThis year Levi told me he wanted to be a scuba diver. I was so excited he wanted to be something new (and super creative!) this year. We asked Griff if he wanted to be a scuba diver too and he thought it was great. Originally I thought all three boys would be scuba divers but then at the last minute the boys thought Jake should be a shark. We asked Jake if he wanted to be a scuba diver or a shark and he growled at us all…definitely a shark. I found this cute costume and it sealed the deal.

I searched Pinterest for a DIY scuba diver costume and there were a lot of cute ideas. This one and this one were the most helpful. I spray painted two liter soda bottles for the air tanks and made a little backpack thing by sewing together elastic. I got tubing and a little metal plumbing piece from Home Depot. The mouth pieces were from our breathing machine…they were perfect! I cut the flippers out of a piece of foam and attached elastic to go over their shoes. The flippers looked so cute but they said they made it too hard to walk and took them off after about 2 minutes. The masks were from Amazon. I ordered the two pack and one was pink which didn’t go over very well with my boys. Ha! We ended up using a permanent marker and colored the pink part so it was purple instead…just a warning if you have boys!

img_0288new img_0289new img_0293newI wish I would have taken some close ups of each of them in their costume but there was so much pressure to get to the candy that I forgot! A few swimming pictures and we were off. These costumes were so fun and those scuba divers were too cute. And that little shark…cute, but super scary!

You can see the boys’ past costumes here, here, here, and here. Football players, a football, superheros, and cows. I love boys. And oh my goodness…I can’t handle how much those cute little boys have grown!

  • Kelly - My son was a shark this year too! love it! so cute!! KellyReplyCancel

  • Jody - My niece wanted us to be Piggie and Elephant this year. So she was a cute Piggie and I was Gerald. We went in January to the p&e musical and they are her favorite books.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - How adorable. We are so lame, we usually just buy a costume. Braxton my grandson was Bumblebee Transformer. It was a cute costume and he word it to bed, so I guess it was a hit. I was so sad though…he got sick in the early morning hours of Halloween Day so he missed school, his class party, and the parade. But he had fun later in the day. I love your costumes. Jake being the shark was so cute.ReplyCancel